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Mistral Engines is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Gland (Switzerland).

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It was founded in April 2001 by a group of pilots and aircraft owners to offer to the general aviation market a long-awaited and much needed new powerplant. Mistral Engines selected the rotary engine technology as the base for the new engine for its key advantages in reliability, longevity, compactness, power-to-weight ratio and multi-fuel capability, among others. Combined with cutting-edge 21st century technology, years of hands-on flying experience and in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry: Mistral Engines was born.

Mistral Engines - The company

Goals & Vision

Mistral Engines aims to rejuvenate light aviation, and to become an industry leader and reference for innovation and vision by:

  • providing unmatched innovation and quality in engineering, design, manufacturing and services
  • being at the forefront of technological innovations geared towards reducing the impact of general aviation on the environment
  • setting leading standards in light aviation
  • being a people-oriented, modern and visionary employer in its company culture and working environment

Goals and visions of Mistral Engines

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You didn't find a matching vacancy available? But you are interested in our company? Please send us a spontaneous application; we are always interested in receiving good candidates. If we believe Mistral Engines has a relevant opportunity for you, we will contact you as soon as possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Mistral Engines and the effort you have put into seeking a position within our company. Please don't hesitate to further visit our career website section to check our most recent vacancies.

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